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Hubert Herr Clocks - Cuckoo clocks by Herr

Since the early nineteenth century, the name Hubert Herr has been synonymous with the creation of beautiful cuckoo clocks and other wooden creations. Hubert Herr employs only the most talented and skilled woodcarvers in their Black Forest workshop. Located in the beautiful Black Forest region, the Hubert Herr workshops combine a new world grace with old world traditions in creating some of the most beautiful cuckoo clocks to come out of Germany. All cuckoo clocks are hand carved with strict attention paid to each and every detail. With collectors all over the world, in more than 60 countries, the Hubert Herr name has come to mean quality and beauty. Frequent new designs and models are implemented into the already beautiful line, giving collectors new cuckoo clocks to adore each year.

Hubert Herr has two workshops in the German Black Forest region. Each produces quality and beautiful Alpine chalets clocks and traditionally carved cuckoo clocks that have made the company world renowned. From the crafting of the clock cases to the assembling of the movements, all Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks are hand carved and crafted by only the most skilled craftsmen. Klaus, Reinhard and Hugo Herr all run the family business together, making it a tradition in the business sense as well as in the creation sense. They rely on traditional techniques for creating their masterpieces as well as modern technology for implementing their technical devices. This combination ensures that the Hubert Herr line is filled with the most authentic and uniquely beautiful cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region. With the name Hubert Herr comes a vision of beauty, quality and tradition to sets them far apart from others. Only the most unique and beautiful cuckoo clocks bear the Hubert Herr name.

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