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Trenkle cuckoo clock - Black forest clocks

For more than 30 years, the Trenkle name has been synonymous with the production of beautiful and traditional cuckoo clocks. The Trenkle Factory is located in the German Black Forest along the world famous German Clock Trail and encased inside the workshops are decades of tradition in creating the beautiful cuckoo clocks that has made the Trenkle name world famous today. The Trenkle workshops create everything for their timepieces from the wheels and mechanisms to the beautiful wood that encases them. From the highly famed pendulum and swinging doll clocks to the more traditional cuckoo clock, Trenkle has been providing quality timepieces for collectors around the world for years.

Like all Black Forest cuckoo clocks, Trenkle produces beautiful designs that captivate and inspire awe in all who see them. In their modernized workshop, the clocks are very carefully detailed and assembled by only the most highly qualified workers. Each clock is carefully and intensely inspected before being shipped for distribution. All employees in the Trenkle Factory are skilled in inspecting these beautiful clocks to ensure that each is completely ready for release to the public. Each year new models and designs are added to the Trenkle line of cuckoo clocks to ensure that collectors have an adequate list of clocks available. Miniature clocks are a specialty of Trenkle and have captivated collectors around the world. From the miniatures to the large cuckoo clocks, each Trenkle piece is made with years of tradition in mind.

Located in one of the most majestic and beautiful valleys in the world, the Trenkle Factory in the German Black Forest continues to create the most beautiful and unique cuckoo clocks, as well as other elegant timepieces, that have been famed throughout the world for their high quality and craftsmanship for more than 30 years.

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