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Rich in detail: 8-day movement Cuckoo Clocks Chalet-Style by Anton Schneider

Published: 11/18/2013

20131114 Cuckoo Chalet Style Schneider 49cmCuckoo Clocks Chalet-Style are probably the most popular kind of Cuckoo Clocks. As the name already tells you, these Clocks are designed like a typical Black Forest Home, the Chalet. There are no limits for the clockmakers when it comes to design and therefore, the Chalet-Cuckoo Clocks are often extensively featured. Besides the houses that are already created with lots of details, there are also often the inhabitants of the Chalet included in the scenery. Even the animals of the Farms are often pictured and play their role in the setting. Since Cucoo Clocks have a long tradition, a lot of scenes of the daily life of the inhabitants of the Black Forest have been portrayed on countless Cuckoo Clocks Chalet-Style.

The producers make sure that these scenes are illustrated with lots of details – and love. You can see this love especially in the big Cuckoo Clocks Chalet Style, for example in the 8-day movement Cuckoo Clock Chalet Style 49cm by Anton Schneider. A typical Black Forest house already has very intensively carved details when it comes to the woodwork such as the windows, fence or the balcony. The clockmakers pick up these details and carve their clocks in the same, careful way; very rich in details. The landlord is busy fishing in his own pond and is watched by the ducks.

20131114 Cuckoo Chalet Schneider 30cmA lot of movement starts every thirty minutes: After the mandatory Cuckoo call, elements such as the fisher, the ducks and the mill wheel start to move. Different melodies are played each hour. A magnificent spectacle, that brings joy to your home even after several years.

The focus is on the lumber industry in the 8-day movement Cuckoo Clock Chalet-Style 30cm by Anton Schneider. Two lumbermen are busy sawing a trunk in to pieces that fit into the sawing machine on the right side. Lumber industry has a long tradition in the Black Forest, as you can see in how important carved wood work is. Also the famous Black Forest Houses were breed to help carry the heavy trunks back to the farmyard.

20131114 Cuckoo Chalet Schneider 44cmAfter a long day of work either on the farms or in the woods, the people in the Black Forest loved to call it a day with a fresh mug of beer. To enjoy the freshly brewed beer, people usually meet at the Biergarten (the beergarden). The 8-day movement Cuckoo Clock Chalet-Style 44cm by Anton Schneider portrays such a scene: While the just mentioned Black Forest Horses carry new barrels of beer to the Biergarten, two workers are already enjoying their well-deserved beer. The waitress is already bringing more beer, since more guests are expected soon. This clock also wins you over with lovely details which make you feel as being part of the scenery. If you love the Black Forest, but don’t have the possibility to live there, these clocks are the perfect alternative to bring a little piece of the Black Forest into your home.

Cuckoo Clocks Chalet-style with 8-day-movement by Anton Schneider

Published: 11/06/2013

20131031 Anton Schneider 8 Tag 44cmIn our last blog post, we introduced some new products to you with the 1-day-movement Cuckoo Clocks in Chalet Style by Anton Schneider. Today’s topic is their ‘big sibling’, the Cuckoo clocks Chalet Style with 8-day-movement. That means that you only have to wind them up every 8 days. They are also produced by Anton Schneider who is one of the producers with the longest tradition when it comes to Cuckoo Clocks. The company was founded in 1848 and has since then expanded and modernized – yet all the woodwork of the clocks is still done by handcraft. ‘Anton Schneider Schwarzwälder Uhren’ trains young employees so they become whittler and can carry on with this tradition.20131031 Anton Schneider 8 Tag 29,5cm

20131031 Anton Schneider 8 Tag 40cm
Anton Schneider now offers around 300 different Cuckoo clocks, so there is something for every taste and every price-category. The royal league of Cuckoo clocks and the figurehead of the producers are the Cuckoo clocks in Chalet Style. They are replicas of the typical Black Forest Farmhouses. Chalet Style Cuckoo Clocks often show scenes of the daily life, such as the farmer being busy chopping wood as seen with the Cuckoo clock 8-day-movement  Chalet Style 44cm by Anton Schneider. 20131031 Anton Schneider 8 Tag 36cmThe chalets have all the attributes that are typical for a Black Forest Farmhouse. Even the folding shutters of the windows are lovely designed and carved by hand (you can see these lovely details especially with the Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement Chalet-Style 29,5cm by Anton Schneider or Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement 40cm Chalet Style by Anton Schneider). Whether it is a scene of the farmer’s daily work or of a get-together after work (as in the Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement 36cm Chalet Style by Anton Schneider) – the rural life of the Black Forest farmers and foresters still provides the inspiration for today’s Chalet Cuckoo Clocks.


New additions to the Cuckoo Palace: Chalet Styled, 1-day-movement Cuckoo Clock by Anton Schneider

Published: 10/29/2013

20131022 Anton Schneider Chalet 1 Tag 26cm

20131022 Anton Schneider 1 Tag 35cm

But there have also been innovations with the traditional-styled Cuckoo clocks. From one of the most famous producers from the Black Forest, Anton Schneider, we have several new additions to the Cuckoo palace. Today you are going to be introduced to the additions with a 1-day-movement in Chalet Style. 1-day movement means that the clocks have a mechanical movement which has to be winded up every day; Chalet-Style means that the Cuckoo clocks have the design of typical Farmers houses of the Black Forest .
Made out of a light-colored wood, the Cuckoo Clock Chalet Style 1-day movement 26cm by Anton Schneider shows typical Black-Forest scenery. You can see a peasant who chops wood. His dog gives him company – a typical setting of a traditional Black Forest home. This typical setting was also the motive for the Cuckoo clock Chalet Style 35cm by Anton Schneider. This clock is designed in a more colorful way though. Both clocks have moving elements such as the lumberjack, the cuckoo or the pedal.

20131022 Anton Schneider 1 Tag Chalet 28cm

Coming back from a successful day in the woods is the hunter in the Cuckoo clock 1 day movement 28cm by Anton Schneider. He is greeted by his donkey and his dog. This clock also has moving elements, who announce the hourly change.

20131022 Anton Schneider 1 Tag Chalet 29cm


The last clock in this category is the Cuckoo Clock 1-day-movement 29cm by Anton Schneider. The whole family has assembled in front of their typical Black Forest home. The traditional Black Forest Dancers the mill wheel and the little goat are the moving elements of this beautiful clock.


Cuckoo clock by Hekas

Published: 07/10/2013

Cuckoo Clock by HekasThis intricate chalet style mechanical cuckoo clock by Hekas is painstakingly produced in the Black Forest
region of Germany. Featuring several moving elements, the cuckoo plays on the hour and the half hour, along with one of two songs: “In Muenchen steht ein Hofbraeuhaus” and “Trink Bruederlein Trink.” The clock is almost square at 30 cm (12 in.) high and 34 cm (13 in.) wide and weighs in at 5 kg (just over 11 pounds).

The clock is shaped like a house, or chalet, with window boxes full of flowers. At the top, just under the roof, the cuckoo waits behind two little doors. Just below it, four dancers move along a balcony at the hour and half hour. On the bottom level, two men drink beer while a water wheel turns on the left. All figurines are hand-painted.

Every movement, from the clock hands and pendulum to the cuckoo and dancers is done mechanically. Instead of using batteries or electricity, this one-day-movement clock must be wound once a day to keep moving. This simple job consists of pulling the chains down to their full length. A mechanical night shutoff switch is located on the side in case the music and cuckoo sound are disturbing any sleepers.

The Black Forest region has been famous for its delicately carved cuckoo clocks since the early eighteenth century. This clock is designed and produced by Hekas, which has been managed by
three generations of the Kammerer family since its founding in 1938.

Carved-style cuckoo clock by Hekas

Published: 06/26/2013

Cuckoo Clock by HekasThe 1-day-movement carved-style 21cm cuckoo clock by Hekas is a charming clock designed to become an everyday fixture in your home. Cuckoo clocks have different types of clockworks and this clock has a 1-day movement, meaning it needs to be wound up daily in order to keep the proper time.

This clock is designed and created by the world renowned Hekas Company – a premier clock making company specializing in cuckoo clocks and wood mechanics – two essentials in the production of fine clocks. The Hekas Company sets the standards in high-quality clocks that will be treasured for generations.

The 1-day-movement carved-style 21cm cuckoo clock by Hekas does not play music but the cuckoo bird calls every half and ever full hour. The cuckoo bird and the pendulum are visibly moving parts on this cuckoo clock.

Enjoy the details of this finely carved style clock. This cuckoo clock is entirely hand carved and offers precision detail that showcases the amount of work and artistic ability that goes into each clock. The clock resembles a non-chalet style house with a pitched roof and carvings of crosses, leaves and a bird. Traditional pine cone weights are an important mechanism of the clock and are also decorative and stylish. The cuckoo bird lets out a significant chirping cuckoo promptly throughout the day.

Black forest cuckoo clocks originated in Schonwald, Germany beginning in the 18 th century. Black forest clocks are intricate in design and represent some of the world’s greatest craftsmanship of wooden cuckoo clocks. Aside of the producers of this Hekas clock, there are several fine manufacturers of cuckoo clocks including Hoenes, Hubert Herr, Trenkle, August Schwer and Anton Schneider.

Chalet-style cuckoo clock by Hekas

Published: 06/12/2013

Cuckoo Clock by HekasThis original chalet style cuckoo clock features a charming cottage flanked by fir trees. A closer look will reveal some other wonderfully crafted details, including a miniature water pump, wood pile, ladder, and other items one would find in such a setting. Tiny hearts are carved in the little shutters on each window. The clock is decorated with colorful flowers, the well-known Edelweiss among them. The gentle tick-tock and the sweet chirp of the cuckoo bird at the top of the hour are well-known and beloved sounds. This clock only needs to be wound about once a week.

Many cuckoo clocks are made in a factory with parts manufactured by a machine. Not so with this original clock.
It and others made by companies who are members of the Black Forest Clock Association are handcrafted with traditional tools and materials in Germany’s Black Forest. Some clocks are fancier and some are more simple, but they each have beauty and elegance unsurpassed by factory-made look-alikes. A genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock will always prompt a smile from anyone who watches it work.

The maker of this particular model is a company called Hekas, founded in 1938. Hekas cuckoo clocks are made by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods and the finest materials. Each clock is inspected thoroughly to ensure quality performance and accuracy. Long-time collectors and first-time tourists alike will be pleased when they choose to purchase a cuckoo clock made by Hekas. Only a handful of companies exist that know the art and produce pieces of this quality.

Cuckoo clocks made by Hekas

Published: 05/29/2013

Cuckoo Clock by HekasBefore purchasing a cuckoo clock from an online store, read
all the information to ensure the clock is of genuine Black Forest Clocks quality and handcrafted by a certified Black Forest Clock producer. Not all online store suppliers list
Cuckoo clocks or Kammerer Hekas cuckoo clock as companies represented.

Although the first cuckoo clock dates back to 1629, genuine Black Forest Clocks have been individually crafted by Hekas Cuckoo clocks since 1938. After 70 years devoted to the production of handcrafted, rigorously inspected clocks, in 1998, the company name became Kammerer Hekas cuckoo clock under third-generation Krammer leadership.

Genuine Hekas Cuckoo clocks have a certificate indicating
the craftsman is a member of the Black Forest Clock Association. The company guarantees each clock case and face are individually crafted and decorated in-house. When completed, each clock is meticulously inspected for overall appearance. Hekas Cuckoo clocks are tested for 12 to 24 hours to ensure operation and precision of functionality before being shipped to distributors licensed in over 40 countries around the globe.

A true Kammer Hekas cuckoo clock displays shingles that have been individually crafted and placed atop a typical chalet-style house. In terms of sound, two factors distinguish a Kammerer Hekas cuckoo clock. A Kammerer Hekas cuckoo clock plays one of two German folk songs with the most recognizable one being “Edelweiss.” Unless there is a slight pause between the “cu” and the “ckoo”, the sound was produced via a tape recording as opposed to being generated by bellows.

Antique Replica cuckoo clocks

Published: 05/15/2013

Cuckoo clock by Rombach & HaasSpeaking of presents, there’s nothing more elegant than antique replica cuckoo clocks. Replicas of the 19th century cuckoo clocks are famous for their beauty, intricate carvings and durability. The antique replica cuckoo clocks are made with the cuckoo calling the time every full hour and half-hour. At the full hour, the cuckoo calls the time and automatically shut off at night. The antique cuckoo clock hand, pendulum and the cuckoo are made of wood and perfectly handmade. The antique cuckoo clock bears the clock maker’s signature and comes in various shades of brown. The antique cuckoo clock has 2 years warranty and with 100 % customer’s satisfaction guaranteed. Buy this antique cuckoo clock as a present for love one and you won’t regret it. The antique replica cuckoo clocks can serve as a perfect present to your boss or manager. They can be sent to your mother-in-law, grand-mother and other relatives living abroad. The antique replica cuckoo clocks can be delivered across the globe.

The historical Black forest clock models have now become private collections or are found at various museums. They were designed and manufactured by Rombach and Haas, a reputable company in Shonac Germany. The antique replica cuckoo clocks bear remark-
able similar features, rich carvings and paintings. They also have state-of-art mechanisms hence expensive. The antique cuckoo clock is all mechanical with an 8-day movement. Antique replica cuckoo clocks produce at Black Forest in Germany are with highest standards of quality and craftsman-
ship. Other antique replicas cuckoo clocks manufacturers are Herr, Hermie, Dolt, Schneider, Jaeger LeCoultre and Schwab. Grab antique cuckoo clock for your self and you will never be late again!

Modern Cuckoo Clocks

Published: 05/01/2013

Cuckoo Clock by Rombach & ArtModern cuckoo clocks act as an homage to the traditional German cuckoo clock, taking on the ancestral design while utilizing modern style. One such company that provides this new innovation on the classic idea is Romba Art by Rombach & Haas. The company does design cuckoo clocks and is one of the leading makers of Genuine German Black Forest clocks, both modern cuckoo clocks and antique style.

The company was founded in 1897 and has been noted for its innovation, winning the Black Forest Clock of the Year Award on several occasions, combining modern cuckoo clocks with the antique styles and classically carved designs. Though Rombach & Haas design cuckoo clocks, they remain handmade and are not mass produced, keeping the pieces unique.

The Romba Art clocks combine 300 years of Genuine German Black Forest Clock making and modern styles of art, including cubism. Connie Haas does design cuckoo clocks, and is the painter for the company, while Ingolf Haas does all the technical construction on the art clocks. Though the company does design cuckoo clocks in modern styles the proper care and cleaning still needs to be provided.

Although these designs are often of a modern cuckoo clocks style, the art design cuckoo clocks still include some of the characteristics of the traditional German cuckoo clock. One addition to the designs that many consumers find necessary is the music box. Often the clocks will include moving figurines, the most popular of these being dancers and beer drinkers. The cuckoo call is also still a common aspect of the modern cuckoo clock, and is not electronically created, but made from the working mechanics of the clock itself. Rombach & Haas has continued the traditional German Cuckoo Clock, creating the modern cuckoo clocks design.

Cuckoo Clocks and Black Forest Clocks

Published: 04/17/2013

Cuckoo clock by August SchwerThe cuckoo clock symbolize the culture and style of Germany. Germany is also home to the black forest area – a major wooded mountain range in the southwest corner of the country. The cuckoo clock and black forest clocks are believed to have originated in the black forest region.

The main style of the cuckoo clock is in traditional form in which it is generally hand carved from wood with intricate design features. Some common cuckoo clock features include carved leaves, pinecones and animals.
A cuckoo clock is automated and often has a cuckoo bird that appears as the clock strikes on the half hour and hour. A cuckoo clocks is generally carved into a chalet style, representing a small chalet in the mountains and forests
of Germany.

A cuckoo clock makes a striking cuckoo noise as the bird announces by his chirp the exact time at hand. Some black forest clocks also play melodies and music based on the design of the clock. Modern day black forest clocks and the traditional cuckoo clock is weight driven. Cast iron pine cones activate pipes that make a cuckoo sound at just the right time.

To obtain a modern cuckoo clock, look toward reputable design companies. Some of the main manu-
facturers of German cuckoo clocks include Anton Schneider, Hubert Herr and Romba clocks by Rombach and Haas. A cuckoo clock is hand carved, using a variety of original designs. Steeple, a bell tower, chimney or animal are common tops for a typical chalet-styled cuckoo clock. The clock face lies on the front, just below a secret balcony or door where the cuckoo bird makes his grand appearance.

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