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Clock manufacturer Rombach and Haas - Romba® cuckoo clocks

With a view beyond the horizon and the courage to innovate, the Rombach & Haas clock factory, Romba® for short, has established itself on the market since 1894. Their reputation as a modern company that combines watchmaking tradition and design innovation precedes them. Company owner Ingolf Haas, together with his wife Conny Haas, is now managing the company in the 4th generation. Their daughter Selina also expands the product range of the family business with her own brand Selina Haas Design with modern canvas paintings and other art objects around the Black Forest and the cuckoo clock. About a dozen employees work in the old workshops, which still contain the workbenches and floorboards from the founding days. The historical ambience is important to company owner Ingolf Haas, so that he is always aware of his commitment to tradition in his daily work.

In the assortment are the traditional carved cuckoo clocks and chalet clocks in various sizes. Conny Haas has also learned the now rare art of sign painting from scratch. As a result, Rombach and Haas Clocks is one of the few companies that still offers hand-painted sign clocks and antique replicas, keeping an important part of the older Black Forest clock history alive.

This by no means means that the manufactory is living in the past: Like no other clock manufacturer in the Black Forest, Romba® cuckoo clocks have revolutionized the appearance of the Black Forest clock over the past decades and successfully set new accents. In 2005, Rombach & Haas introduced the first modern cuckoo clocks, some of which were ridiculed in the beginning. Since then, demand has steadily increased, and numerous other contemporary models have followed, making the Black Forest clock tradition accessible to a younger audience. In the meantime, Rombach&Haas cuckoo clocks with modern design have found many imitators.

This creativity and flexibility, coupled with the highest quality, has already brought the company some prominent customers: Udo Walz, for example, had himself immortalized on a custom-made cuckoo clock, and Daniela Löw, wife of former national coach Jogi Löw, had a clock in black-red-gold made for her husband. Udo Lindenberg and Prince William are other prominent owners of a Rombach&Haas cuckoo clock.

Apart from the production of cuckoo clocks, the Haas family also feels deeply connected to the Black Forest region: Numerous commitments, such as in the association die Schwarzwald-Uhr, a youth center or a citizens' initiative - to name just a few - make it clear how closely the Haas' are connected to "their" Black Forest.

Whether modern or antique - a watch from the Rombach & Haas watch manufactory from the Black Forest convinces by high quality and a careful design. In the coming years, too, we can look forward to seeing which innovative Romba Black Forest clocks will delight old and young cuckoo clock fans alike.