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Trenkle Uhren

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Trenkle® Cuckoo Clocks - Quartz and Mechanical Clocks

From the idyllic Simonswäldertal, directly on the German Clock Road in the Black Forest, come the romantic Trenkle cuckoo clocks. Founded in 1966, the clock manufacturer Trenkle Uhren GmbH is deeply rooted in the Black Forest region and the village of Simonswald. Around 25 employees ensure that customers all over the world can buy and enjoy high-quality Trenkle cuckoo clocks.

The solidarity with the own valley is clearly shown in the clock production:
The complete process of case and production takes place in the company's own factory buildings, all of which are located in Simonswald. Local woods from the Black Forest are used, and even the employees come exclusively from the picturesque Simonswälder valley.

Trenkle Kuckucksuhren GmbH is mainly a pioneer in the field of smaller cuckoo clocks in the souvenir clock sector. Weather houses in numerous variations, as well as pendulum and swing clocks were brought from Simonswald to the world and delight Black Forest clock lovers around the globe. With these models, Trenkle watches succeed in capturing the diversity of the Black Forest region in a small space, making it affordable for everyone.

But even with the beautiful chalet clocks and carved models, you can count on Trenkle Clocks for the highest quality. Each cuckoo clock undergoes several in-house inspections to ensure that the high standards Trenkle Uhrenmanufaktur sets for its cuckoo clocks are met.

Highest quality Made in Germany - from a traditional company directly from the Black Forest - this is what managing director Bernhard Trenkle vouches for. You get all this with a Trenkle clock, affordable for every budget. But you don't have to compromise on quality: This is what the family business Trenkle Uhren GmbH stands for with its name.