coo coo clocks, german cookoo clocks or coco clock

Cuckoo Clocks: Online-Shopping despite spelling difficulties

A customer who walks into a shop has no difficulties to buy a product even if there are linguistic obstacles. So eventually it doesn't matter if he wants to buy a coo coo clock, cucko clocks or a coco clock in a shop. Online-Shops require their customers to use written words. The cuckoo clock is a perfect example of a rather difficult way to shop online especially when search engines are asked for coo coo clocks or cookoo clocks. Search engines are used to find shops or products of a certain range. Most people do not have an exact URL. If a customer is looking for a cookoo clock, cucko cloc or a coocoo clock, will a search engine be able to find it?

The cuckoo is not only an extraordinary animal, but generates a lot of spelling mistakes when it comes to people who are not perfect in speaking English. There are not many words written with u, double o and ck in a single word. Thus there are many simply looking for koo koo clock, cookoo clocks or coocoo clocks. The use of double o and u in one word causes many spelling difficulties which can be seen in typing errors, in slips of the pen and translation difficulties like cucu clock and cukoo clock.

In a hurry: Typing errors are normal

There are days when the computer keyboard seems like a mystery to its user, even if he or she is skilled. The coordination between brain and hands is not sufficient on those days, which makes it impossible to write black forest coo coo clocks or german koo koo clock correctly. The brain knows how it works but the hands just won't do what they are told to and keep writing things like cukoo clocks. A lunch break which was used to find a present or proper style decoration ends up with words like German coo coo clocks, koo koo clocks, german coco clock or cucoo clock. Search engines looking for coo coo clock, cockoo clock and cuckoos will most certainly not find a shop offering those products.
Thanks to modern technology on the internet, search engines do recognize semantic connections. Many shop owners are even prepared to encounter spelling difficulties and make sure that even koo koo clocks and koo koo clock can be found and bought in their shop. People using computer keyboards know which adventurous typing errors can happen to them and to colleagues. It is good fun for everyone to laugh about kuku clock and coo clocks. Sometimes it is even more fun to find out that it is possible to order cucu clocks, because the search engine found results. It happens very often that users only realize their typing error because of their search engines suggestion to use cuckoo clock instead of cuckcoo clock, , cucoo clock, cuckooclocks, coocooclocks or koko clock.

International orders

Black forest coo coo clocks are certainly not only bought within Germany. The symbol of German culture can be sent to every country in the world. And this is where language and search term mix up into a disaster. German coo coo clocks and cucoo clocks might be the search terms from a variety of countries. People looking for a German coo coo clock or cuckoo clock weights might also use translation programmes. Those might not be able to translate cuckoo clock because it is too specific or simply misspelled. Search engines will find it difficult to find coo clock, coockoo clock, koko clocks or coo coo clock clocks if typing errors and linguistic difficulties mix up. It doesn't matter if it happens due to a typing error like coo koo clock, cuckooclock, cooko clock or linguistic insecurity.

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