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Chalet-style cuckoo clock by Hekas

Published: 06/12/2013 by Matthias Slovig

Cuckoo Clock by HekasThis original chalet style cuckoo clock features a charming cottage flanked by fir trees. A closer look will reveal some other wonderfully crafted details, including a miniature water pump, wood pile, ladder, and other items one would find in such a setting. Tiny hearts are carved in the little shutters on each window. The clock is decorated with colorful flowers, the well-known Edelweiss among them. The gentle tick-tock and the sweet chirp of the cuckoo bird at the top of the hour are well-known and beloved sounds. This clock only needs to be wound about once a week.

Many cuckoo clocks are made in a factory with parts manufactured by a machine. Not so with this original clock.
It and others made by companies who are members of the Black Forest Clock Association are handcrafted with traditional tools and materials in Germany’s Black Forest. Some clocks are fancier and some are more simple, but they each have beauty and elegance unsurpassed by factory-made look-alikes. A genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock will always prompt a smile from anyone who watches it work.

The maker of this particular model is a company called Hekas, founded in 1938. Hekas cuckoo clocks are made by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods and the finest materials. Each clock is inspected thoroughly to ensure quality performance and accuracy. Long-time collectors and first-time tourists alike will be pleased when they choose to purchase a cuckoo clock made by Hekas. Only a handful of companies exist that know the art and produce pieces of this quality.

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