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Exhibition and election for the Black Forest Clock of the Year

Published: 01/06/2015 by Birgit Eisenbeis

The winner of 2009 by August Schwer

The winner of 2009 by August Schwer

Until January 16th 2015, you have the chance to vote for the Black Forest Clock of the Year. The clocks are exposed at the brewery of Rothaus in Grafenhausen/Black Forest. 14 different models from seven different manufacturers are shown: Traditional clocks as well as modern ones.

At the end of the guided tour through the brewery, the visitors end up at the Zäpfle-Bar, where the clocks are exposed. The audience hast he possibility to watch the clocks closely and soak in all the little lovely details. An empty beer barrel serves as a ballot box. After the exhibition has ended on January 16th, the votes are counted and the winner is presented in a special ceremony.

Fans oft he Black Forest clock do have some more days to check out these special clocks and to vote for their favorite.

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