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Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks Of The Black Forest

Published: 11/14/2012 by Matthias Slovig

Cuckoo Clock by Hubert HerrFor 5 generations the Herr family has expertly handcrafted cuckoo clocks. The specialized knowledge and skill have been passed on to each new generation since the 19th century. The business has been expanded over time so that today, the Herr cuckoo clock factory ships it’s outstanding clocks all over the world. Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks are made in Triberg Black Forest Germany. They are the only genuine Black Forest Clock factory to manufacture the movements, cases and carvings on site. Each Herr cuckoo clock is made of solid wood and crafted by hand. Every genuine Black Forest Clock is made with precision mechanical movements of impeccable quality that are weight driven in the traditional manner handed down through the generations.

Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks are delicately carved in a variety of styles including, but not limited to, the ever popular Traditional Chalet design, the Bavarian Chalet design and the Typical Black Forest house design. A Traditional Herr cuckoo clock will delight the senses with it’s finely chiseled birds and floral carvings. Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks also feature beautiful moving parts such as the chicken and the fox, a moving chimney sweep and adorable moving squirrels. Musical models are available in a variety of tunes. At only 5.25 inches tall, they even produce the smallest cuckoo clock in the world! Herr cuckoo clocks, made in Triberg Black Forest Germany make excellent presents for any occasion and bring a bit of joy to any home.
If you are looking for a genuine Black Forest Clock made with old world craftsmanship, you need look
no further than the Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clock factory.

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