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August Schwer: King of the Cuckoo Clocks

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Cuckoo Clock by August SchwerIn 1885 amid the striking beauty of Germany’s Black Forest region, August Schwer crafted his first cuckoo clock. The word of its quality craftsmanship and unique design spread far and wide. Soon, August Schwer erected a small factory in which to create numerous replicas of his Original German Black Forest clock. The popularity of his Cuckoo Clocks expanded over time, as did his reputation as the wunderkind of cuckoo clock manufacturing.

What sets the August Schwer Original German Black Forest clock apart is the intricacy and attention to detail that goes in to each distinctive timepiece. The artistic quality and imagination put forth by August Schwer were simply beyond compare. Using the finest Linden tree wood that best facilitated carving, he created cuckoo clocks depicting images of nature such as deer, birds, leaves, owls and eagles. In light of this, it is no wonder that the August Schwer Cuckoo Clocks have so often been the recipient of the Black Forest Clock of the Year award.

Over the years, the August Schwer company has been handed down through four generations.
In 2000, after working in the company for some 15 years Andreas Winter was awarded the title of Owner/Manager of August Schwer Cuckoo Clocks. With this promotion, Andreas has expanded the company’s inventory by incorporating a variety of new, contemporary designs of Cuckoo Clocks.
As well, the August Schwer company has initiated the buy-out of several Black Forest workshops that manufacture cuckoo clocks.

Today, the August Schwer company offers handcrafted cuckoo clocks in both carved, and chalet styles; and in an extensive array of scenery and colors. In addition, the customer is afforded the choice of selecting cuckoo clocks with or without dancers or music; as well as the type of movement: one-day, eight-day or quartz movement.

So you see, with over a century of expertise in the design and manufacturing of award-winning cuckoo clocks, the August Schwer Company truly is the king of the cuckoo clock.

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