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Carved-style cuckoo clock by Hekas

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Cuckoo Clock by HekasThe 1-day-movement carved-style 21cm cuckoo clock by Hekas is a charming clock designed to become an everyday fixture in your home. Cuckoo clocks have different types of clockworks and this clock has a 1-day movement, meaning it needs to be wound up daily in order to keep the proper time.

This clock is designed and created by the world renowned Hekas Company – a premier clock making company specializing in cuckoo clocks and wood mechanics – two essentials in the production of fine clocks. The Hekas Company sets the standards in high-quality clocks that will be treasured for generations.

The 1-day-movement carved-style 21cm cuckoo clock by Hekas does not play music but the cuckoo bird calls every half and ever full hour. The cuckoo bird and the pendulum are visibly moving parts on this cuckoo clock.

Enjoy the details of this finely carved style clock. This cuckoo clock is entirely hand carved and offers precision detail that showcases the amount of work and artistic ability that goes into each clock. The clock resembles a non-chalet style house with a pitched roof and carvings of crosses, leaves and a bird. Traditional pine cone weights are an important mechanism of the clock and are also decorative and stylish. The cuckoo bird lets out a significant chirping cuckoo promptly throughout the day.

Black forest cuckoo clocks originated in Schonwald, Germany beginning in the 18 th century. Black forest clocks are intricate in design and represent some of the world’s greatest craftsmanship of wooden cuckoo clocks. Aside of the producers of this Hekas clock, there are several fine manufacturers of cuckoo clocks including Hoenes, Hubert Herr, Trenkle, August Schwer and Anton Schneider.

Carved cuckoo clocks

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Cuckoo Clock by Rombach & HaasCarved cuckoo clocks are a great investment that will last for years.
A carved cuckoo clock will be cherished for years to come. When looking to purchase a carved cuckoo clock, there are two factors to consider.

The first factor is the design of handcarved cuckoo clocks. These beautiful cuckoo clocks come in two different styles in shops near Germany’s Black Forest. The first style of carved cuckoo clocks is the chalet style. These clocks feature the shape of a home. They can look like a chalet, an alpine house, a timbered house or a typical Black forest house.

The second style of carved cuckoo clocks is the traditionally carved cuckoo clock that shows a scene from nature. Carved cuckoo clocks are available featuring birds, deer, eagles and owls. Look for a clock produced in a workshop that has been in business for years like Rombach and Haas, Hoenes Clocks and Hekas Uhren.

The second factor to consider is the cuckoo. After all, it is what makes the carved cuckoo clock unique. When the finer clock makers like Rombach and Haas, Hoenes Clocks and Hekas Uhren produce their clocks they do not rely on electronics or tapes. Instead, they depend on two bellows moving to create the sound. The first bellow produces the cu sound, while the second part produces the ckoo sound.

Make sure when buying an original German Black Forest carved cuckoo clocks that it comes with a VDS certificate of Authenticity. The VDS certificate of Authenticity guarantees that your clock is an original.

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