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Black Forest shield clocks have a long tradition, and their artistically hand-painted clock shields fulfill the highest demands in terms of quality.
Nowadays, very few Black Forest manufacturers still produce shield clocks, because painting the wooden shields is a very elaborate and difficult task, mastered by only a very few experienced clock painters in the Black Forest.

The beautiful, vivid painting is usually comprised of flower motifs and is particularly long-lasting due to a special base coat. This technique was developed by Black Forest clockmakers, making the shield clock a great success.

Lacquered shield clocks were already being made in the late 18th century in the Black Forest, and were the Black Forest’s most popular clock until the triumph of the carved cuckoo clock in the mid-nineteenth century. Aside from sales in Germany, many shield clocks were also exported to numerous other countries around the world.

The design is essentially comprised of a square case with a semi-circular arched placed on it. In some instances, a cuckoo or another moveable element is integrated. The shield is usually made of wood, and made by hand.

During the heyday of the shield clock in the 19th century, the decoration of the shield was often done using decals. This technique had become necessary to keep up with the rising demand. But in the case of the original Black Forest lacquered shield clock, the painting was and is done by specialized artists. The shield clocks found in our shop come from Black Forest clockmaker Rombach & Haas and are hand-painted by Conny Haas.

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