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Cuckoo Palace

The cuckoo clocks of our own brand "Cuckoo-Palace" are exclusively available only from us. In 2016 we started with the design of the first clock, which we based on the preferences of our customers and selected particularly popular design elements. In the meantime the series has successfully developed. Our chalet-style clocks are characterized by diversity in roof shape, facade construction and detailing. What they all have in common, however, is that idyllic manor houses and dreamy mills are brought to life on each of our clocks. Moving elements such as waterwheels, beer drinkers, dancers and seesaws give the rural life of the Black Forest its own dynamic.

The facades of the Cuckoo-Palace houses are all different. The lower part of the house wall is often combined with a visual eye-catcher in the form of half-timbering or brickwork. Colorfully painted shutters and intricate carvings complete the vibrant look. Above a beautifully carved balcony, the cuckoo chirps hourly from its window. Models are available in a variety of price ranges, so there is a selection of "Black Forest Palace/Cuckoo Palace" branded clocks for the smaller budget.

Most examples of the house brand are equipped with a quartz movement and run on batteries, so that the cuckoo clocks do not have to be wound by hand. Here, modern technology is combined with the original look of the chalet style. The musical play of the quartz cuckoo clocks with 12 melodies changing every hour will bring additional zest and cheerfulness to your home. As with most quartz cuckoo clocks, the music and cuckoo call can be turned off if desired.

Cuckoo-Palace also offers premium wooden weights in a pack of three to enhance the look of your clock. These elegant wood-cased weights, with their finely polished finish and hand-carved decorations, are available in a variety of weights to fit many types of mechanical clocks with one-day or eight-day movements. They can be used as an alternative to the traditional pinecone weights on mechanical clocks.

The high quality of our own brand clocks is ensured by strict testing regulations. All Black Forest clocks undergo a final inspection before they make their way to the customer.

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