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Hubert Herr® - Cuckoo clocks

The history of the Hubert Herr cuckoo clock factory in Triberg clearly shows what makes a typical Black Forest man: Hard-working tinkerers who like to find their own solutions and are only satisfied when they have delivered the best possible work. Hubert Herr stands for this attitude almost like no other company: All parts of the Black Forest Clock, from the movement to the carving, were made almost exclusively in the company's own workshop by experienced employees. In this way, the company could guarantee the quality of its clocks with a clear conscience.
From its beginnings in an old farmhouse to the official foundation of the company by Hubert Herr and the management by Klaus, Reinhard and Hugo Herr, the Hubert Herr clock factory has been firmly in family hands for five generations.
The foundations of this family history were laid by the brothers Andreas and Christian Herr. From 1860, they made individual carvings for local clock makers near Triberg. After moving to the main building in Triberg a few decades later, production was gradually expanded and all aspects of the production of the high-quality models were integrated into the local workshop: Clockmakers, carpenters, woodcarvers, metalworkers and woodworkers worked day in and day out on the various aspects of cuckoo clock making.
In the choice of materials, Hubert Herr Clocks placed great emphasis on local ties: Local fir, spruce and alder, grown at an altitude of 400-600 meters, provide the highest quality for the production of the cases. Only the finest lime woods from the Black Forest are used for the intricate carvings of Hubert Herr clocks. This dedication to the clockmaker's craft results in exceptional cuckoo clocks that impress from head to toe with their unique quality and charming design. With a Hubert Herr cuckoo clock, you can hang a piece of Black Forest history on your wall.
After more than 100 years, the clock manufacturer Hubert Herr closed its doors in 2020, and the brand is now carried on by the clock factory Helmut Kammerer, or HEKAS for short, with the same quality and great respect for Hubert Herr's long company history and philosophy.