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Clock factory Hönes® from Titisee - Cuckoo clocks

Traditional ties to the home region of the Black Forest combined with an international orientation: this is how the business philosophy of Hönes Uhren GmbH from Titisee-Neustadt can be summed up in one sentence.

Hönes Uhren was founded in 1950 by master watchmaker Daniel Hönes. In 1984, the company was taken over by Wolfgang Trenkle, who still runs it today and designs all new cuckoo clocks himself. The creative businessman comes from a family that has long been associated with the clockmaking tradition of the Black Forest. So it comes as no surprise that he was already building his first cuckoo clock when he was just a young boy. For several decades now, he has been developing and producing special creations for his own company, thus fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Today, Hönes cuckoo clocks offer more than 450 different models. From small 20cm cuckoo clocks to majestic grandfather clocks, Hönes Uhren GmbH's range covers every price and style: traditionally carved clocks with hunting motifs, gorgeous Black Forest houses as well as minimalist modern designs of the highest quality make the heart of every cuckoo clock fan beat faster.

All in wood: All Hönes cuckoo clocks have a wooden cuckoo and of course all decorative elements as well as hands and dials are made of wood. Almost 60 employees in Neustadt ensure that Hönes clocks continue to grow in popularity. The company's trademarks are the elaborate decorations and the company logo instead of the number 12 on the dial. In addition, a golden Hönes quality seal and the seal of the "VDS" (Association of Black Forest Clocks) have been embedded on the back of the clock cases since 2015. With these marks you can be sure that you are holding an original Black Forest cuckoo clock from Hönes in your hands.

Almost exclusively regional materials are used in the production of Hönes clocks: The woods for the cases and carvings come from the local Black Forest, and the brass movements are also made directly in the clock-making region. Only the musical movements draw on the experience of our Swiss neighbors, who have a centuries-old tradition of building incomparably good mechanical roller music movements.

The traditional but high quality cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest are very popular all over the world and have become a popular symbol of German culture and "Gemütlichkeit". Many tourists take the opportunity to buy a Hönes cuckoo clock during their European holidays. Wolfgang Trenkle was one of the first to recognise the importance of the world market outside of tourism for the regional clock industry. With the international orientation of his company, he succeeded in establishing Hönes as the world market leader in the field of cuckoo clocks. The annual catalog is now published in eight languages to give the international clientele the best possible picture of the Hönes cuckoo clocks.

Almost needless to say: Hönes cuckoo clocks have received numerous awards over the decades and have repeatedly won first place in the "Clock of the Year" competition.