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Types Of Night Shut-Off

There are different night shut off types. Below we describe how they basically work and what they offer to you. You find the type of night shut off this specific clock has in within the product description on our website.

The advantage of a night shut off is that you can place your cuckoo clock also in areas your house where you need silence sometimes (e.g. bedroom). Without the night shut off the loud cuckoo sound every 30 minutes could cause a problem for some folks. There are 3 different types of night shut offs.

Manual night shut off

Most cuckoo clocks have the manual night shut off lever which makes it possible to turn all sounds on and off.

Automatic night shut off

Some cuckoo clocks have an automatic night shut off. The night shut off lever for manual clocks can be set to three different positions:

  1. All sounds on
  2. All sounds off
  3. All sounds off during the night.

This is from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am for mechanical clocks, the time frame may differ for quartz clocks.

Light Sensor Night shut off

Clocks with a light sensor automatically turn off all sounds when it is dark in the room. Only Quartz clocks that run with batteries have light sensors.

Clocks with the feature 'No Night-Shutoff' do not offer a night shut off! It is not possible to retrofit a night shut off on these clocks nor can the sounds be disabled otherwise!