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Black Forest Clocks from August Schwer®

High-quality cuckoo clocks with elaborate decorations that convey an authentic Black Forest feeling: This is the trademark of the cuckoo clock manufacturer August Schwer in Schönwald, which is considered the place where the first cuckoo clock was created almost 300 years ago. The company attaches great importance to elaborate ornaments and carvings - a lot of time and attention to detail are spent on the lavish design and decoration of each clock. As a result, the clocks made by August Schwer enjoy extraordinary popularity, and rightly so, and have won the Black Forest Clock of the Year Audience Award several times.

The love for the Black Forest region runs through all areas of the Black Forest clock factory August Schwer. The company was founded in 1885 in Schonach, in a guest room of the local Schlosshotel. In 2000, August Schwer Uhren was taken over by the current managing director Andreas Winter, who had previously worked for the company for decades.

In the processing, typical for the Black Forest, mainly wood from the local forest is used. The mechanical movements also come directly from the region. In general, August Schwer Cuckoo Clocks takes care to source as few raw materials and individual parts as possible from outside the Black Forest.

When it comes to design, the August Schwer Black Forest Clock Factory makes use of typical Black Forest characteristics: Taciturn but reliable, inventive tinkerers whose focus is on the product rather than its marketing. With great attention to detail, the employees of August Schwer devote themselves to the elaborately designed chalet cuckoo clocks, creating a lively scenery on them. Inspired by the rural life of the region, August Schwer's chalet clocks present an atmospheric ideal of Black Forest traditions. A great deal of time is invested in the exceptionally meticulous carving of these classically carved clocks.

The uniqueness of the Black Forest region is incorporated into every step of the cuckoo clock manufacturing process, whether it's the choice of materials, the design, or the meticulous craftsmanship. With a clock from the Black Forest clock factory August Schwer, you acquire a piece of pure Black Forest.