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Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement Chalet-Style 32cm by Anton Schneider

Chalet Cuckoo Clocks Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement Chalet-Style 32cm by Anton Schneider
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  • Music & Clockwork
    SBS Feintechnik Regula - Made in Germany
    Plays music
    Music plays every hour
    22 tones, made by Reuge Schweiz
    2, alternately playing
    „Der Fröhliche Wanderer”
    Cuckoo Call
    Sample Cuckoo Call
    Moving elements
    Wooden Figurines HTP
    Beer drinker
    Mill Wheel
    Instructions for Cuckoo Clocks (Video)

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    Impressions from our Cuckoo-Workshop

    Impressions from our Cuckoo-Workshop

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Cuckoo clocks have a tradition that goes back to the year 1640 when the first clocks have been made in the German Black Forest. The first Black Forest Clocks have not been cuckoo clocks.

In 1740 the first cuckoo clocks have been made. But those first cuckoo clocks did not have much in common with the cuckoo clocks we enjoy today. In 1840 the Bahnhaeusle Clock was presented to the public. This Bahnhaeusle Clock already had very much in common with today’s cuckoo clocks and is still available by some manufacturers as a replica model of the first cuckoo clocks. Please go to the category ANTIQUE to see the Bahnhaeusle cuckoo clocks we offer.á

Nowadays the center of cuckoo clock production in the Black Forest are the towns of Schonach and Triberg. There are about 6-8 significant manufacturers of cuckoo clocks and most operate from these two small towns that are also popular tourist sites in the Black Forest.

Today cuckoo clocks are available in two basic designs. Chalet cuckoo clocks that look like houses and traditionally carved cuckoo clocks with large hand carved elements. Chalet style cuckoo clocks are the most popular Black Forest clocks of today. The popularity of Chalet c uckoo clocks has passed the formerly most popular carved cuckoo clocks (e.g. Hunter cuckoo clocks, bird and leaves cuckoo clocks). Chalet cuckoo clocks do not have the impressive master-carvings but have a design that most customers of cuckoo clocks enjoy to have in their home. Also the moving elements inspire lovers of Black Forest cuckoo clocks and bring lasting fun to all members of the family.

This Anton Schneider cuckoo clock has a beer drinker who lifts his glass, a water wheel that spins and highly detailed wooden dancing couples that turn when the music plays. It also has many other popular features of cuckoo clocks such as a musical movement with two melodies, automatic night shut off and wooden hands, dial and wooden cuckoo bird. For your convenience the 8-day movement of this cuckoo clock only needs winding up about once a week.

Original Black Forest cuckoo clocks come with a certificate of authenticity that is issued by the Black Forest Clock Association (in German: VDS - Verein die Schwarzwalduhr). The VDS only issues their certificate to cuckoo clocks / Black Forest clocks that have been made in the Black Forest and are equipped with a mechanical movement. Quartz cuckoo clocks do not receive this certificate, because the Black Forest Clock Association wants to support the century old tradition of mechanical cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest.

When set up on a wall in your living room or kitchen cuckoo clocks look even better than on our pictures. Although most pictures are of highest quality a 3D view of the clock is much more impressive. The cuckoo clocks have so many details to find and observe that it will take a long time to explore your cuckoo clock. The ideal spot for a cuckoo clock depends on the size of the cuckoo clock. Larger cuckoo clocks look best when there are not too many other objects on the wall around them because they are more a piece of furniture than “just” a regular clock. All Black Forest cuckoo clocks have been assembled by hand, most parts are handmade and most colors have been hand painted. This makes every cuckoo clock unique in its own way.

All sizes in inches are approximate. For exact size please refer to cm indication (1 inch = 2.54 cm).
Prices in USD are subject to change due to currency exchange rates and are updated bi-weekly.

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