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New modern design cuckoo clocks by Rombach & Haas

Published: 04/09/2009 by

modern design cuckoo clockWe have added the new modern design cuckoo clocks by Rombach & Haas (Romba Clocks) to the online store.

Rombach & Haas was founded in 1897 and is still a family owned company. Now in the 4th generation Ingolf Haas is the General Manager of the company. Romba Clocks belong to the best what the Black Forest has to offer. Their range of products goes from carved cuckoo clocks, chalet cuckoo clocks, shield clocks to antique replica clocks.

modern art cuckoo clockNow the traditional German cuckoo clock becomes modern and gets a modern art design by Rombach & Haas. What a great idea by Ingolf Haas to take 300 years of Black Forest clock making tradition and combine this tradition with modern art design. The brand names for the modern cuckoo clocks are Romba Design and Romba Art. Ingolf Haas started to design his new modern cuckoo clocks in 2008 and now already has created 50 different clock models. All the clocks are only made in small volumes.

Most modern cuckoo clocks have the traditional mechanical clock movement (clockwork). Some have a 1-day movement and others an 8-day movement, which only needs winding up once every week. Also some clocks have quartz clockwork that runs with batteries. All clocks have the typical traditional cuckoo call and the quartz clocks also play music.

We have arranged most of the new Romba design cuckoo clocks in the category Modern Art Cuckoo Clocks.

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