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Operating and setup instructions for quartz cuckoo clocks

Published: 02/18/2010 by

1014_8TMT34139_01Quartz cuckoo clocks are set up differently from regular mechanical clockwork cuckoo clocks.

Below we have compiled the most important information on setting up a quartz cuckoo clock by the manufacturer Anton Schneider. The other manufacturers have very similar instructions for setting up their quartz cuckoo clocks.

1. Turn the hands to the 12 o´clock position.

2. Set the switch on the left side of the cuckoo clock to the “Musik off” position, if your clock is a music cuckoo clock.

3. Open the back cover of the cuckoo clock and insert three batteries type “Baby” as indicated into the battery holder. Pay attention to + and –
4. Fix the pendulum in the pendulum extension, close the back cover and hang the cuckoo clock onto the wall.
5. Turn the minute hand clockwise to the next full hour (1 o´clock) and count the number of cuckoo strikes.
6. Turn the hour hand to the hour which the cuckoo strike was telling. Don´t move the minute hand of the cuckoo clock while doing this.
7. Turn the minute hand clockwise to the correct time. Important: While doing this let the cuckoo strike to each of the passing full hours.
8. If the clock has an automatic night shut off, the cuckoo strikes last at 9 o´clock p.m and starts again at 6 o´clock a.m. If the automatic night shut off is activated at day time, please turn the minute hand clockwise for another 12 hours.
9. At the left side of the clock you can find a switch where you can choose following positions: “Musik on”, “Musik off” (cuckoo strike is on), “Off” Musik and cuckoo strike is switched off. This only applies for cuckoo clock with music. Not all quartz cuckoo clocks have music.
10. By pressing the button “Push” you can move out the cuckoo strike by one hour.
11. The batteries must be changed when the bird´s door does not open or close anymore or when the cuckoo clock is moving too slow.

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