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Instructions: setting the musicbox

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The function of the musicbox is only given, when the following adjustments are exact:

The black “release lever” depress the “music lever” a few minutes before the clockstrike.
So the music lever will fall our of the hole of the “wheel with hole”. The music is not allowed to start playing yet, only if the cuckoo cal is exited, you should be able to heare the tune. The “black wire” (it is connected with the “release lever”) is holding the “wind wheel” during the cuckoos call and gives free the “wind wheel” when the cuckoo has finished his call. Sounds the music during or before the cuckoo call, this “black wire” has to be bend down a little bit. If there is no music sound, even if the “music lever” is out of the hole, the “black wire” has to be bend up. (out of the “wind weel”) Do the same, when there is a noise during the music sound.


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