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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Cuckoo clock by Anton SchneiderCongratulations on your new Black Forest cuckoo clock.
The cuckoo clock shop carefully packaged your clock. Make certain your cuckoo clocks box is placed top up on a table before unpacking. Take out the top items, such as pine cone weights, then remove the foam covering, then remove the clock.

Black forest clocks include various supplied parts, depending upon the design and the model. Your cuckoo clock shop packed these parts separately. Place the various parts upon your work table.

Remove the back of the clock

To remove the clocks back, insert a pen or pencil into the bottom hole and lever the pen beneath the covers lower side and lift the bottom cover off the Black Forest clocks inner workings. Remove the paper strip from the back cover.

Disengage the cuckoo clocks security clamps

The cuckoo clocks security clamps are located on both sides of the inner clock workings and are tagged Pull. Reach inside the clock and gently pull each clamp off and out. Replace the cuckoo clocks back with the hole positioned at the bottom of the clock, upside down.

Assembling the front of your clock

Turn the clock face up on the table. If you have a deer head, secure the head between the oak leaves with the small screw supplied by your cuckoo clock shop. Gently push both antlers into the deer head. Refer the cuckoo clock shop instruction sheet for assembly of any additional parts, for instance, the bell-shaped sound cup. The sound cup, like the antlers, is gently pressed into position. Now, attach the deer head appendage onto the very top of the clock by sliding the entire piece down into the grooved fittings.

Hanging your clock

The cuckoo clock shop recommends you hang your clock approximately 6.5 feet from the floor. Place your clock on the nail in a balanced position. Look beneath the clock. Unfasten and open the small parcel found there. This will enable the chains to hang without hindrance. Now remove the wire that
was used for transport purposes only. The weights and the pendulum can now be fitted.
Attach the pendulum onto the hanging key towards the back of the bottom of the clock. Attach the pine cones to the hooks in front of the pendulum key. Open the bar enclosing the cuckoo’s little house.


Your cuckoo clocks start and stop lever is either on the side panel, or the bottom. Slide side levers up and pull bottom levers down. This regulates the cuckoo’s call. To set the time, turn the cuckoo clocks long hand clockwise into position, then flick the pendulum to get it moving back and forth.  To set the time exactly, remove the pendulum from its hook. The cuckoo clock shop created pendulum leaf to slide up and down. If time is running too fast, slide the pendulum leaf down. If time is too slow, slide the leaf up. Adjustments for accuracy might have to be made over a few days.

Instructions: setting the musicbox

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The function of the musicbox is only given, when the following adjustments are exact:

The black “release lever” depress the “music lever” a few minutes before the clockstrike.
So the music lever will fall our of the hole of the “wheel with hole”. The music is not allowed to start playing yet, only if the cuckoo cal is exited, you should be able to heare the tune. The “black wire” (it is connected with the “release lever”) is holding the “wind wheel” during the cuckoos call and gives free the “wind wheel” when the cuckoo has finished his call. Sounds the music during or before the cuckoo call, this “black wire” has to be bend down a little bit. If there is no music sound, even if the “music lever” is out of the hole, the “black wire” has to be bend up. (out of the “wind weel”) Do the same, when there is a noise during the music sound.


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