Black Forest Souvenir Clocks

In addition to the elaborate Black Forest clocks in our other categories, we also carry several small and inexpensive souvenir clocks. Plus you can find different versions of the popular weather houses from the Black Forest here.
All of the products in this segment are particularly easy to transport, with their small size and light weight, making them ideal to bring along as gifts.

The souvenir clocks do without a cuckoo, but they evoke other popular features of cuckoo clocks on a smaller scale, including for example traditional carvings or mini-chalets with figurines. In addition, the swinging clocks include the attachment of a swinging figurine on the bottom of the clock.

Most of the clocks are very easily operated using batteries.
But you can find mechanical clocks in this category as well: The chain hoist movements with only one weight are the simplest form of mechanical movements.

A simple humidity meter is integrated in the weather houses, which moves the figurines of a couple wearing traditional Black Forest apparel, showing whether the weather is dry or humid via its movements.

If you are searching for something original to bring along as a gift, you can find many inspiring ideas among our souvenir clocks and weather houses.

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