Cuckoo Clock Quartz-movement Chalet-Style 22cm by Cuckoo-Palace

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Chalet Cuckoo Clocks Cuckoo Clock Quartz-movement Chalet-Style 22cm by Cuckoo-Palace
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  • Music & Clockwork
    Plays music
    Music plays every hour
    Quartz musicwork
    12, alternately playing
    Moving elements
    Base Color
    Instructions for Cuckoo Clocks (Video)

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    Impressions from our Cuckoo-Workshop

    Impressions from our Cuckoo-Workshop

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This beautiful cuckoo clock is an exclusive design by Cuckoo-Palace and is manufactured in the Black Forest. The high-quality housing is completely made of wood and measures 8.7 inches from the top of the roof to the lowest point of the trim below the house.

In front of the pretty cottage you see a lumberjack taking a rest from his work and enjoying a pipe in his dog's company. The hewn logs are stacked neatly in front of the house. Fir trees in the background hint at the surrounding Black Forest.

All wooden parts of the clock are made in Germany. The housing comes from the Black Forest, as well as the hand carved trees.
The turned figurine is original Ore Mountain handcraft.

The cuckoo bird comes out of his little door every hour. According to the actual hour it utters a cuckoo call with an echo, that is accompanied with subdued nature sounds. The cuckoo call is followed by one out of twelve different melodies.

Thanks to a light sensor, the clock runs with all these functions only in full daylight, while in the dark it runs without sounds, and with no movements but the hands and the pendulum.  Optionally the clock can be switched to silent mode during daytime with help of a provided lever.

The clock is operated by customary batteries.

Battery information
The following batteries are needed to operate this clock:
3 × C (Baby)

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