Information on width and height

Cuckoo Clocks are usually measured in height from the very top to the bottom without the cones (weights). We have also added the width for most cuckoo clocks we offer to give customers a better impression. The larger a clock is the higher normally the price will be because all the carvings and elements a more complex and elaborate. Larger cuckoo clocks usually also are more detailed than smaller cuckoo clocks. But smaller clocks are also of very high handcraft Quality.

Cuckoo Clocks with an 8-day movement are normally larger because an 8-day movement needs much more space than a 1-day movement. That’s why most cuckoo clocks can only be produced with one type of movement. The size and the form and of a 1-day cuckoo clock usually does not make it possible to fit in an 8-day movement.

Quartz movements do not need very much space. That’s why one finds cuckoo clock with quartz movement also in small clocks.

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