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A little piece of the Black Forest in South America – Colonia Tovar

Published: 11/03/2014 by Birgit Eisenbeis

Chalet_en_la_Colonia_TovarWhat  do the Black Forest and South America have in common? More than you might think, and at least one city. In Venezuela, there is a city that looks like it was packed up in the Black Forest and unpacked in South America. The name of the city is Colonia Tovar.

In 1842, 392 inhabitants of the Kaiserstuhl-area, which is located at the border oft he Black Forest, decided to try their fortune in South America. They emigrated to Venezuela and settled in an area that had similar climate conditions like their home region. The town of Colonia Trovar was founded, and it was built according to German traditions: Half-timbered houses, schools and churches were designed in the traditional Black Forest way. German songs and poems were given from generation to generation, and the regional dialect of southwest Germany is still spoken by the elderly. The city was isolated from the rest of the country due to lack of useable roads.

Since roads were constructed in the midth if the 20th century, the city has become a popular destination for tourists.

The traditions are well taken care of : The cuisine is still influenced by Germany and specialities oft he town are sausage, beer and of course Black Forest cake. Octoberfest is celebrated annually, as well as typical south German carnival. Ando f course, you can find our beloved cuckoo clocks there as well – they are still manufactured there and very popular with tourists.

If you’re in need for break  of south america during your travels, you might want to consider a stop in little Germany – and enjoy a little piece of home faraway from home.

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