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The railway house clock – the mother of all Cuckoo Clocks

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
Antique replica clock with 8-day-movement by Rombach & Haas

Railway house clock with 8-day-movement by Rombach & Haas

An important milestone in the history of clock making in the Black Forest is the invention of the railway house clock, or Bahnhäusle Uhr in German.

Railway house clock with 8-day-movement by Rombach & Haas

Railway house clock with 8-day-movement by Rombach & Haas

But how did this design came into being? It has its origin in a design competition in 1850. The principal oft he clockmaker school in Furtwangen, Robert Gerwig, called for a competition to develop a new, contemporary clock design.  The winner oft he competition was Friedrich Eisenlohr, who worked as an architect for a railroad company. His inspiration were the houses of the gatekeeper of the railways. He added a clock face to transform it into a clock. With this simple, yet genius idea, he influences the look of clocks up until today. They were the base for the rich decorated carved Cuckoo clocks that are wold famous today which were invented a little later.

You can still buy the traditional railway house clocks today. Although most people think of carved clocks when they think of cuckoo clocks, there are manufacturers such as Rombach & Haas who also produce clocks with the original design up until today.

Antique Replica cuckoo clocks

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Cuckoo clock by Rombach & HaasSpeaking of presents, there’s nothing more elegant than antique replica cuckoo clocks. Replicas of the 19th century cuckoo clocks are famous for their beauty, intricate carvings and durability. The antique replica cuckoo clocks are made with the cuckoo calling the time every full hour and half-hour. At the full hour, the cuckoo calls the time and automatically shut off at night. The antique cuckoo clock hand, pendulum and the cuckoo are made of wood and perfectly handmade. The antique cuckoo clock bears the clock maker’s signature and comes in various shades of brown. The antique cuckoo clock has 2 years warranty and with 100 % customer’s satisfaction guaranteed. Buy this antique cuckoo clock as a present for love one and you won’t regret it. The antique replica cuckoo clocks can serve as a perfect present to your boss or manager. They can be sent to your mother-in-law, grand-mother and other relatives living abroad. The antique replica cuckoo clocks can be delivered across the globe.

The historical Black forest clock models have now become private collections or are found at various museums. They were designed and manufactured by Rombach and Haas, a reputable company in Shonac Germany. The antique replica cuckoo clocks bear remark-
able similar features, rich carvings and paintings. They also have state-of-art mechanisms hence expensive. The antique cuckoo clock is all mechanical with an 8-day movement. Antique replica cuckoo clocks produce at Black Forest in Germany are with highest standards of quality and craftsman-
ship. Other antique replicas cuckoo clocks manufacturers are Herr, Hermie, Dolt, Schneider, Jaeger LeCoultre and Schwab. Grab antique cuckoo clock for your self and you will never be late again!

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